Sharon Chalmers:  Artist Statement

Painting is my meditation, my therapy.

It opens my mind and my heart.

And it soothes my soul.


Abstract Expressionism influences my current work…. which is a bit of a surprise to me since I always thought of myself as an organizer and a planner. But today I paint from a very different place. A place of freedom, of spontaneity and possibilities.


Pure abstraction is, for me, an intuitive exploration of colour and form for its own sake, a perpetual adventure and opportunity for self-knowledge.  


I draw inspiration from music and from the elements of nature; water, earth, wind and fire. These evoke an emotional response in me and that’s what I’m attempting to reflect in my work…a mood, a feeling, an emotion. 


I paint for myself…. and then happily, gratefully, share my work without expectation.



“I dwell in possibility” ~  Emily Dickinson

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